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i try to talk to you everyday….

Yeah, but it’s on the internet, which is less abrasive than in person.

When it’s in person, I’m obligated to respond, and I fucking hate that.

When it’s on the internet, I can choose whether or not I want to respond.

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who is the dude

The guy that asked me out, decided to treat me as a girlfriend after I said no, and refuses to walk through doors that I hold open for him. Also the one that follows me after the class we have together, insisting on walking me to my next class.

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your dorm has food and internet and your bed

Yeaaahhhh, but if I lay down, I’m not going to get back up again.

And my dorm is actually pretty devoid of food products.

And I have internet everywhere.


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is this a campus apartment or an actual apartment? jw

An actual apartment.

(Well, I think it might technically be a condo.)

(Either way, it’s off campus and a dude that lives in Tucson is renting it out to us.)

(Us being one of my close friends from back home, a friend of hers up at NAU, and me.) 

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what are you going to use it for?

Nothing too thrilling- probably just some stuff for my apartment next year. And I might buy some superhero t-shirts, but shhh, let’s make it look like I’m an adult.

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what bonus scene?

There were rumours going around that they were filming something tiny extra scene after the premiere. Obviously there wouldn’t be time to get it ready by the time the movie premiered in Australia and all that, but there would be time before the US premiere.

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oh gosh do you have any idea what brought this on? this sounds terrible. :(

I’ve been informed that there’s a bug going around, so it could be that, or it could be the fact that I’ve had more dairy today than I have in weeks and my body’s readjusting.

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oh no, i hope you feel better!

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are you ok what;s wrong oh my god you are making me worried i am going to text you nonstop now
Thanks guys. I just started feeling super sick all of a sudden. Like, my insides just feel gross and way too warm and it probably has to do with the fact that I ate some cheese today and I haven’t had any substantial amount of cheese in, like, two weeks or some shit, so my body’s like, “AHAHA no.”

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sometimes her acting gets a bit stale for me but she seems like a really cool person

I’m just so tired of people attacking every single thing she does, says, and likes because CLEARLY THE FACT THAT SHE LIKES DRESSES AND OLD TIMEY MUSIC MEANS THAT SHE’S JUST ~TRYING TO BE A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE~.

No, get out.

If she were a man, she wouldn’t receive any of that criticism.

In fact, if she were a man, everyone would fucking adore all of her qualities.

It’s just gross.